Sunday, 13 May 2012

Menthol & Cherry Drops

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My brain is a little cold addled at the moment. For some reason this makes me want to get out the needle and thread more, but from past experience I know this will only end in either ... the successful completion of something, say a small purse or bag perhaps - (only to stand up and realise I have also sewn said project into the dressing gown within which I am hibernating) OR  the creation of something decidedly odd. So ... in these times I like to scroll through the pages of Dear Golden and all it's beautiful vintage attire. It's like going to the V&A , but being able to sip honey & lemon and sneeze freely. My next project has to be a skirt like this one. I love the waistline and button-downed front. Seeing this clip-on bow tie has also made me want to make more ... Oh and what about this?
My to do list just got bigger, better hurry up and kick this cold. Hope you've had a good weekend!  

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