Monday, 10 September 2012

Have Heart Part 2

I'm deviating from the norm with the next few posts - but rest assured it's for a good reason. Please indulge me for a little while. I've been making felt heart pins in yellow, as yellow is the colour of ribbons worn to raise awareness for childhood neuroblastoma - an agressive childhood cancer.

I've set up an online donations page in a bid to raise funds for the Kelli Smith appeal:

Kelli was born on 2nd January 2009 at 2:35am, healthy, happy and perfect. Three months later Doctors discovered a ‘mass’ in her abdomen. This was later confirmed to be neuroblastoma and treatment began. Several rounds of gruelling chemotherapy and finally a year later, Kelli was given the all clear! Happiness was to be short lived however, as three new lesions were discovered in her abdomen. There is no treatment protocol in the UK for relapsed neuroblastoma, however there are options available abroad. Sadly these treatments could cost in excess of £500,000.

In a bid to raise funds to reach this target, I am making small batches of yellow felt heart pins in return for donations. Click here to find out more and make a donation for your pin! (I would be an exceptionally happy person)

For the lovely overseas readers - though I'm restricting postage to the UK, donations are still greatly received. There is another fund-raiser happening here!

Your support is much appreciated.  


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