Sunday, 20 January 2013


So ... whilst I linger in the confines of my bed  (a little longer than is acceptable for a Sunday); I give you two artists, renowned for working on the horizontal! The first is Patrick Heron, I love his rough brushstrokes which hint at dusky skies and wild gardens. And OK, perhaps a little debatable on the planar front (but squares are kinda horizontal right? Albeit in an abstract way - hoho); we have Mr Mark Rothko. There's something eerie but comforting in his work I find - what do you think?

1. Horizontal Strip Painting (1957-8) by Patrick Heron
2. Grey and Black Stripes (1958) by Patrick Heron
3. Black and Blue Stripes (1958) by Patric Heron
4. Light Red Over Black (1957) by Mark Rothko
5. Untitled (1952) by Mark Rothko 

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