Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Scarf for Steve

Cables and fishermen go hand in hand in my mind. It's no surprise then, that with Tennis playing in the background I was churning out twisted wool faster than you could say Featherfin knifefish. The scarf was destined for Steve, who isn't (sadly) a fishermen, but a Midlands based plumber, close enough I'd say. The scarf was inspired by Aromy's Cabled Scarflette, just a bit longer, with an added cable and single toggle-based closure.

Update: A pattern is now available for the Sea-farer scarf! It's published on Ravelry, but you can download the pdf directly by clicking on the link below ... 

Sea-farer Scarf Pattern

Let me know if you use it!


  1. SAMMMMM SOOOOOO COOOOOL. I must get back into knitting.

    1. Thanks! You definitely should. Any more illustrations of late?