Wednesday 18 April 2012

For Papa Stubbs

Blue Skies, Cold Nights

I have been working on a new cable-based scarf over the past week or so, but had to keep progress quiet as it was commissioned  for a birthday present! Blue Skies, Cold Nights is less chunky and more light-weight than it's predecessor. Designed to be worn on wet April days and cold spring evenings. I have met the recipient in passing a few times and picked bright blue to go nicely with  his silver mane! Anyway, Happy Birthday Mr Stubbs! I hope you like it.

Update: A pattern is now available for the Blue Skies, Cold Nights scarf! It's published on Ravelry, but you can download the pdf directly by clicking on the link below ... 

Blue Skies, Cold Nights Scarf Pattern

Let me know if you use it!  

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