Wednesday 13 June 2012

His & Hers ...

The Ben-Tie & Never grow up collar 

I had two gifts to make for two birthdays a day apart. I picked up a ball of wool and this is what happened ... The Ben-tie was based on an ace crochet pattern by Louie's Loops  I simply followed the increases and decreases as for the crochet, but in a knitted garter stitch, and it worked! I even spent a morning learning the art of tying a bow-tie, much to my peril however, I was unable to tie it on a real man (Ben), success only occurred minus a neck ... I shall practice .... The Never-grow-up collar was made after discovering another excellent free pattern by Reckless Glue. Admittedly peter pan collars have been around for a bit now, but I still think they add a certain something ...


  1. When knitting the tie did you knit it in rounds or just straight rows?

  2. Just straight rows following the increases and decreases as in Louie's Loops pattern. It knitted up pretty quick.